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Our warehouse logistics facilities ensure the best possible storage and management of your goods. You determine the requirements for your goods – i.e. the time, volume, sequence and packaging for your goods, which are required for the onward transport operations.

In the warehouse logistics sector, Strive Shipping offers its customers a close network of modern, multi-user facilities covering several million square metres. This is where we create our warehouse logistic services for you in a flexible manner and according to specific customer requirements. When it comes to cost-efficiency, the use of multiple branches has it benefits for both small and medium-sized companies, and those who are affected by seasonal trends. We employ the Warehouse Management System (WMS) in these specially secured facilities in order to provide you with a constant overview of product movements and keep you up to date on the location of your goods.

Strive Shipping expertise can carry the warehouse from the initial planning stages through the implementation process, using proven warehousing and distribution solutions. Strive Shipping Logistics provides on-site management of the entire implementation process to maintain quality, schedule and cost conformance. Our approach to implementing solutions ensures project success. At the warehouse, various value-added processes take place, such as repackaging and the compilation of mixed loads. Finally, the goods are prepared for dispatch and are loaded on to the trailers or trucks.